Do You Need Financial Help with
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Who We Are

Action for Animals NC is a non-profit organization founded in 2018, whose mission is to help financially needy people with spaying and altering of their dogs and cats. We do not refuse anyone! We exist solely on donations, which are entirely tax-deductible. Spay/Alter helps reduce the overpopulation of dogs and cats and promotes overall canine/feline health. Three million dogs and cats are killed every year in shelters & pounds due to overpopulation and lack of homes.

How You Can Help

You can help by making a donation to Action for Animals NC. Every donation will go towards the spay and neuter of dogs and cats to stop the overpopulation. Your donation will help to cover full or partial cost of the operation for people who can’t afford the operation.

Every Donation Helps

Need Financial Assistance?

Are you having financial trouble with paying for your dog or cats spay/neuter. We are here to help, just contact us and we can fund all or part of the cost of the operation depending on your need. Clients are taken on a case by case basis.

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